Ski Dubai Slopes

Ski Dubai offers exceptional snow quality with 22,500m² covered with real snow all year round – (equivalent to 3 football fields). The temperature is normally maintained at a comfortable -1º to -2º Celsius.

The slope itself is built like an upside-down 'L,' and is 400m long from one end to the other with a width range of 80m. The entire slope is covered with at least three feet of snow, generated by patented snowmakers that mimic the natural precipitation process to deliver real, high-quality snowflakes to the slope and surrounding chilled areas. The left-hand side of the slope is a mainly straight run designed for professionals.


- 85 meters high (approximately 25 stories) and 80 meters wide
- 5 different runs of varying difficulty and length, longest run of 400 meters
- Full capacity of 1500 guests
- Freestyle zone
- Permanent: 1/4 pipe snowboard area
- 3,000m² Snow Park with a snow cavern
- Quad chairlift, tow lift and flying carpets
- Mountain resort theme

Snow Making

Snow is made using a simple procedure similar to how snow is artificially made at outdoor ski resorts. Pure water, with no chemicals added, is put through a chiller to cool. It is then sent through pipes to the snow guns which are on the ceiling. When the cooled water is blown out into a freezing cold environment it crystallizes and makes snow. The temperature during the time when snow is made is -7c to -8c. The final product is real snow, as if it came from nature! Click here to learn more about snow making

Maintaining the Temperature

The Ski Dubai facility is specially designed as a massive cold box. The walls have numerous levels of insulation and the roof is 5 meters higher than the ceiling providing very efficient insulation. This makes Ski Dubai one of the best refrigerators in the world! There are 23 blast coolers (air conditioner type machines) that chill the air and maintain a temperature of -1c during operating hours. There are also kilometers of glycol tubing running through the floor (similar to the back of your refrigerator) that chills the snow keeping the base of the snow solid and 30 tons of fresh snow is made daily to cover the base.